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Outdoor Camping Portable Mini Motor Pump

Outdoor Camping Portable Mini Motor Pump

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Product information:
Continuous lighting time: 17 hours (based on 1 gear brightness)
Battery capacity: 3600mAh/13. 3wh
Storage Temperature:-17°C to 43°C/0°C to 110°C
Bottom magnetic function: (only applicable product model: AP001M Pro)
Volume: 51mm * 51mm * 73mm
Power Input/Output: 5v = 2A
Inflation pressure (high speed) :4.8kPa/0.7PSI
Inflation pressure (default gear) :2.5kPa/0.36PSI
Inflation speed: 650L/minute (high speed)
Continuous inflation time: 90 minutes (2.5kPa/default)/65 minutes (4.8kPa/high speed),(motor overheating protection: automatic shutdown every 8 minutes during high speed operation)

Packing list:
1 * Air pump+air nozzle * 3+air nozzle combination * 1+lanyard+USB charging cable+manual+portable bag
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