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Mosquito-proof Sunshade Tent With Extended Rear End

Mosquito-proof Sunshade Tent With Extended Rear End

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1. It can be applied to the top skylight design of different scenes (fishing sunshade, simple canopy, etc.), with good wind resistance.
2. Strong tie rope
The tying rope adopts a thicker and longer design, which increases the service life of the rope and is more durable and firm.
3. Complete wiring
The tents are routed neatly and evenly, and the round holes are stitched firmly with the fabric.
4. Lightweight screens
The light mesh design allows you to see the outside scenery in the tent, creating a comfortable environment.
5. Tie the rope on the cross brace in the tent
The two ends of the short pole are inserted into the black webbing holes, and the poles are tied with tie ropes to avoid falling off during the use of the tent, which is both beautiful and safe.
6. Hook
After propping up the tent, hang the hook on the pole to make the tent more stable in use.


Tent structure: single-layer account
Support pole material: aluminum pole
Specification: 290*200*200cm
Weight: 2700 (g)
Construction situation: need to be built
Spatial structure: one bedroom
Style function: picnic
Strut: Aluminum alloy
Color: yellow, blue
Applicable number: 3-4 people

Packing list:


2*two-meter aluminum alloy support rod, 4*three-meter windproof rope, 2*two-meter elastic rope, 3*0.5-meter elastic rope, 12*aluminum nails, 1* storage bag.

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