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Mini camping stove

Mini camping stove

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Outdoor portable windproof stove burner product selling points:

1. Light weight, 50 grams, the size of a bank card, can bear a weight of 4kg or 3.5L.
2. The support frame is foldable and compact and does not take up space.
3. There are anti-slip teeth on the head, which is anti-slip safety.
5. The valve body will not be hot and safer when used for a long time.
6. The fire cover is sprayed with pottery to make it look good.
7. 59 copper is used for the core components of the switch.
8. Fluorine rubber O-ring is used for gas seal.
9. Both the burner head and the bracket use SUS304 stainless steel, which has good load-bearing performance.
10. The valve core is designed with double O-rings, one for sealing and the other for preventing leakage.
11. Instructions, color box.

Product parameters of outdoor portable windproof stove burner:

1. Material: stainless steel + aluminum + copper
2. Dimensions: height: 8.5cm, top bracket: 11cm in diameter
3. Power: 2300W

4. Product content: products, wearing parts, manuals, shrink bags

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