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MD3010II Underground Metal Detector

MD3010II Underground Metal Detector

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  This metal detector is mainly used to detect underground metal objects. In addition to military applications, it is also widely used in security inspections, archaeology, mineral prospecting, treasure hunting, lawn search for metal foreign objects, deserts... MD-3010 is especially suitable for deserts Look for metal foreign objects, gold and silver jewelry and various currency coins, historically buried gold and silver jewelry and various coins, war weapons and other legacy items, gold and silver mines, etc.

Product performance:
1. Battery: 6 batteries (not included)
2. Working current 30mA—60mA
3. Working voltage 7.1—9.6V
4. Working frequency 7.5KHZ+/- 1KHZ
5.Detection depth, 25 cent coins, 13CM, maximum detection depth 1.5 meters!
6.Alarm mode: tone frequency
7. Temperature limit: –20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius
8. Volume: 56*13*21CM



MD-3010IIProduct Description


This metal detector is mainly used for detecting underground metal objects,It is widely used in security checks in addition to military applications.,Archaeological,Prospecting,Treasure,Lawn looking for metal foreign matter,Desert ….. MD-3010It is especially suitable for searching for metal foreign bodies in the desert.,Gold and silver jewelry and various currency coins,Gold and silver jewelry buried in history and various coin currencies、War weapons and other legacy items,Gold and silver mineral deposits, etc.


Product Performance:

1.Battery:6Battery (Not included)

2.Working current 30mA—60mA

3.Operating voltage 7.1—9.6V

4.Operating frequency 7.5KHZ+/- 1KHZ

5.Probe depth, 25Cents coin,13CM,Maximum probe depth1.5M!

6.Alarm method:Pitch frequency

7.Temperature limit: –20 Degrees Celsius~ 60 Degrees Celsius


9.Net Weight:1.37KG

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