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EDC Tactical Tool Multifunctional Storage Pocket

EDC Tactical Tool Multifunctional Storage Pocket

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Suitable for a variety of tools-can accommodate a variety of tools, such as cobbler/Swiss knife, pen and mini flashlight! Keep them organized and in place!
Conveniently use your EDC tools-no need to squeeze those items in your pants anymore!
Compact size-compact size is 7.1 inches x 5.8 inches
Fits most standard belts-with belt loop, suitable for standard belts about 1.5 inches wide
Easy to wear-just thread the belt through the belt and you are done!
Quality material-made of leather
Rugged and durable-able to withstand loads of up to 10 pounds, scratch and abrasion resistance
Easy to maintain-just wipe, no need to clean!
Have a beautiful age-The longer you use it, the more you use it and the better the appearance!

Multifunctional fashion accessories-match any style of belt!

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