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Camping Cooker Outdoor Teapot Combination Picnic Pot Set

Camping Cooker Outdoor Teapot Combination Picnic Pot Set

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Product information:

Product material: hard alumina
Boiling pan: 1, outer diameter 17.5cm/height 9cm
Frying pan: 1, diameter 18cm/height 4.5cm, handle 10cm
Teapot: 1, 0.8L, diameter 138CM/height 8CM
Spoon specification: 160 * 40mm
Specification of table knife: 165 * 12mm
Fork specification: 160 * 12mm
304 stainless steel cup: 2 7 * 7.8cm 200ml
Stainless steel plate: 2, diameter 160mm

Product description:
Suitable for 2-3 people, including a medium pan, a frying pan, a 0.8L teapot, two stainless steel cups, two anti-scald silicone covers, two forks, two spoons, two knives, and two stainless steel plates. The pot is made of aluminum alloy, which has undergone advanced hard treatment and is resistant to high temperature and friction. Knife, fork, spoon and dinner plate are made of stainless steel.

Packing list:

Boiling pan+frying pan+teapot+spoon+knife+knife+cup * 2+plate * 2

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