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A-type camping wild drink outdoor water purification straw

A-type camping wild drink outdoor water purification straw

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Characteristics and Description of Wild Drinking Straw Products
Wild drinking straw is an outdoor portable sterilization straw type water purifier, which can immediately purify natural water such as river water, rainwater and lake water into direct drinking water.

The wild drinking straw adopts a seven-stage filtration system (the system integrates filtration, deodorization, sterilization, seasoning and other functions).

The small size is only as thick as a pen.
The weight is less than 90g and the lightest is only 15g.
The drinking straw can be directly drunk by stretching into water.
Sterilization and virus killing are more thorough, with 99.99% removal of various parasites and bacterial viruses in water.
1. Precision prefiltration system removes sediment, silt, rust, algae, insects, dust and other particulate impurities and suspended pollutants in the water to make the water cleaner.

2. The special contact sterilization medium-high iodine resin can completely and effectively kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. in water, with a sterilization rate of over 99.99%, making your drinking water safer, healthier and more comfortable.

3. Heavy metal nanospheres can efficiently remove harmful dissolved heavy metal ions (lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, etc.) in water, eliminate heavy metal pollution in water, and make your drinking water more comfortable. (Wild drinking straws A-2, B-2 and C-2 have this function only. )

4. Special multifunctional advanced activated carbon fiber can effectively reduce the turbidity of water and remove bad taste and toxic substances, such as chlorine, trihalomethane, organic chemical pollutants and other harmful substances, so that the taste of water is better.

5. The high-precision hydrophilic ultrafiltration membrane adopts an ultrafiltration membrane with a filtration precision of 0.01 micron to carry out secondary sterilization, is permanently hydrophilic, absorbs water more easily, removes bacteria more thoroughly, and has a sterilization rate of 99.9999%, thus ensuring clean effluent and safer drinking water. (Type B-3 Assembly)

6. Wild drinking straws can filter 99.99% of parasites and bacterial viruses in water, so dirty water can be filtered and disinfected into drinkable water quality. The device can provide safe drinking water for victims of hurricanes, earthquakes or other disasters, and can also become a "special weapon" that people carry when traveling on weekends.

Scope of application: suitable for outdoor activities such as traveling, outdoor sports, fitness, camping, life-saving emergency, field exploration, marching operations, underground mining and outdoor drinking water!
Usage: Absorb water through the mouth, suck or spin the water dry after use, cover it and put it into the shell.
Service life: It can purify 1000L water of Type A, 700L water of Type B and 70L water of Type C. At the end of service life, the suction pipe is blocked.
Temperature: water less than 50℃ can be filtered.
Shelf life: 3-5 years after the first use. (It can be stored for a long time without deterioration and without affecting its use. )

Note: 1. Please spit out your first saliva. 2. Do not collect salt water and chemically polluted water when filtering water. Don't put it in the microwave oven. 4. Please use clean water as much as possible, as sewage is easy to block the filter, thus affecting the service life.


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